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3 reviews for Lomas Exhaust Systems

  1. Dave E

    Had my S.S. GP pipes delivered today, you guys were right in your previous posts I just about wet myself when I removed them from the box, they are awesome the detail to the welds is something to be seen to be believed. Anyways thanks to Andreas @ Dingsda who contacted me with the offer for the pipes and provided excellent service the pipes arrived the exact day he said they would. In case anybody out there is is leary about purchases, I’ve been burned on E-Bay and by others but this guy is on the money. Thought I’d give my two cents worth to help this forum in a productive manner and help with feedback about vendors and services.

  2. Mike

    If you ordered Lomas pipes from Dingsda Racing, they do take a couple of weeks to arrive (so don’t freak out if you don’t have them in 3 weeks). Mine arrived yesterday, so patient as they will be worth the wait. I ordered the high-level system pipes

  3. Keith

    Thank you for the update. Not to blow smoke or anything, But I just want to tell you, You guys have been the most professional shop I’ve dealt with. I am glad I found you and will recommend to all my friends. Thanks again.

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