Q: What functions do the Icarsoft units have? 
A: Please look at the list – click here.

Q: Do I need to register and update the scanner once I receive it? Is there software installed in the unit? 
A: You can use the scanner directly; all of our units have pre-installed software.

Q: How often do I need to update the kit?
A: You can update your scanner anytime you like if there are new released updates available.
If the scanner works fine on your vehicle, there is no need to do update.
The updates are usually released to solve certain problems on certain vehicles.

Q: How to register and update the scanner?
A: Please visit “Support & Update” page to find out the detailed instructions on how to register and update your scanner. Please check the item number and select the correct options.

Q: Can iCarsoft CR Plus multi brand scanner do the same functions as the V2.0 and other single make scanners?
A: iCarsoft CR Plus does not cover the full functions of V2.0 and other single brand scanner. As the CR Plus is a four systems scanner, the V2.0 and other single brand scanners are Multi-system scanners. If you only need to diagnose your only one vehicle, for example, you need to test your Make, the V2.0 works better for you, because the single make scanner covers more systems and special functions.

Q: Can I add other software to my MB II (for Mercedes-Benz /Sprinter/Smart)? For example, can I add Porsche software to the MB II?
A: No you can’t add Porsche software or other vehicle software to the MB II.
The MB II is designed for Mercedes-Benz/Sprinter/Smart only. But have a model which will allow you to download up to 5 vehicle makes software. The item name is iCarsoft CR V2.0 (1+4).

Q: My scanner does not communicate with my car, please help.
A: Please send us your detailed vehicle information including the manufacture year, the detailed vehicle type and the VIN number as well as the detailed problems (For example, which systems did you tested? What error message did you get during the test? If possible, please provide some pictures or video of the problem.) After we received the information, our engineer will check with the software and release new updates to solve the problem.

Q: My scanner has only English, but I need French, what should I do?
A: Run an update for your scanner and select the language that you need when updating, you will have the language you need after the update.

Q: When I update the MB II (Or other iCarsoft 2nd generation scanners), the updating tool requests for password, what is the password, how can I find the password?
A: You can find the password of the iCarsoft 2nd generation scanners and CR Plus on the main unit when you connect the scanner to the PC by USB cable. 
Here is the detailed route for you to select:
[Help]-> [Tool Information] -> [Register Code], the register code is the password that you are looking for.

Q: When I update the scanner, the updating tool came up with an error message that “This is not iCarsoft products”. Does it mean that I purchased a knockout unit?
A: If you receive this error message, you have downloaded the wrong updating tool. Please go back to the Support & Update page (https://www.icarsoft.us/Page/103.html)and download the correct updating tool according to your product model.

Q: Can I update the scanner on my MAC?
A: Sorry, currently our scanners can only support updates on Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Q: I received a message “Fail to operate Firmware files in SD card” on my MB II (or other iCarsoft 2nd generation scanners, CR Plus), what should I do?
A: Please format your SD card, restore system, then run update again. Please refer to the link below for instructions on how to format, restore system and re-update the scanner.

How to restore SD card

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