CR Plus


• OBDII diagnostic full function
• Multiple car models (covering over 40 prevailing models from Asia, America and Europe).
• Support 4 Systems: Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag.
• Basic diagnostic functions: read DTCs, clear DTCs, and read data stream
• Support DTCs help, data stream wave display, history data record and replay
• Online upgrade, you can download the latest version anytime anywhere.
•  Enhanced OBDII Mode 6
•  Supports vehicles 1996 & newer ( OBDII & CAN )
Some older car models on the bubble may not work with Icarsoft units

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iCarsoft CR Plus is a well-built comprehensive diagnosis instrument by iCarsoft. It’s not only including full function of OBDII/EOBD, but also support more function of Four system( Engine, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system and airbag ) of certain models of car, such as read and clear code, multi languages, data flow picture display, graph. It also includes Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) release, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) and Oil Service Light resets. View Engine, ABS, SRS along with A/T enhanced data.

Some older car models on the bubble may not work with Icarsoft units

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Difference between models CR-Pro, CR-Plus, CR-V2.0(1+4) and V2.0


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