Dingsda Racing Team is a Canadian parts shop.
Dingsda Racing Team was founded in 2001 to support its racing team,
competing in the Manitoba Open Superbike Championship.
Jolly Moto was the first company who agreed to supply the Dingsda Racing Team with one of the best 2 stroke exhaust system available on the market. In 2003 the team changed its focus to motocross and won 5 ATV championships in the process.
In 2008 we stopped operating the racing team, but the DRT stayed in business.

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Our shop serves customers from all over the world, from England, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, USA to Japan, so we deliver world wide.

2-Stroke Exhaust Systems 

   –JL Exhausts (Lomas) 

Jolly Moto now manufactured by JL

The best 2-Stroke exhaust manufacture in the industry.
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